FP/DFB Products & Applications

Wavelength Category Data Rate Waveguide Type Pad Design Applications
1310nm/1550nm Monitor Photodiode (MPD) NA 200μm P-top N-bottom Laser Diode Power Monitoring
NA 200μm (Square) P-top N-bottom
Edge illuminated Monitor Photodiode (EMPD) NA Edge Receiving
Photodiode (PD) 1.25G 60μm P-top N-bottom PON Ethernet SONET/SDH Fiber Channel ATM Datacom and Telecom
2.5G 50μm GS
10G 45μm GSG
25G 20μm GSG
4x25G 4 x 20μm GSG 1x4 Array
Avalanche Photodiode (APD) 2.5G 50μm P-top N-bottom
850nm Photodiode (PD) 10G 60μm GS Datacom and Telecom
40G 4 x 60μm GS 1x4 Array
25G 30μm GSG
4x25G 4 x 30μm GSG 1x4 Array